Which Color of Discus Best Fits Your Personality?

Large Cobalt 5" Discus

Blue discus keepers value open communication and clarity of thought. They are characterized by knowledge, trust, calm, and honesty, empathy, compassion, clarity, and precision. If your favorite color is blue, you value your close-knit group of friends and family. As far as friendships go, you are extremely loyal -- almost to a fault.

Jumbo Curipera Cross (select-grade) 6.5" Discus

If the color brown speaks to you, it is probably because you can relate to its simplicity. Genuine and transparent with your intentions, those who have hidden agendas and ulterior motives confuse you. You fail to see the value in twisting the facts when the truth is so much easier to understand. You are extremely dependable.

XXL Monster Wild Brazilian Heckel Discus

Dark discus keepers are known for their formality, mystery, exclusivity, and love of luxury. Articulate and at times dramatic you know how to share your point of view with conviction and authority. Drama does not mean unrestrained. You maintain self-control with ease, which enables you to control most situations as well.

Large Alenquer Cross 5.5-6" Discus

Green keepers are defined by growth, harmony, and success. Those who favor green have a special connection to nature. It feeds your soul. Whether it is spending time in the garden or finding creative ways to bring the outdoors in, your favorite activities revolve around all that Mother Nature has to offer.

White discus keepers value purity, balance, and sophistication. You compliment every personality regardless of their differences in style. Your gentle nature and diplomacy wins you loyal friends. You tolerate differences and encourage camaraderie. Independence and reasoning are your strengths.

Large Albino Golden Melon 5-5.5" Discus

Orange discus keepers enjoy adventure and social communication. They are characterized by creativity, adventure, and happiness. You are assertive rather than aggressive. You are light-hearted and less intense than those who love red. You thrive on human social contact and social gatherings.

Large Fuji Red 5"+/- Discus

Red discus keepers have high energy, passion, and thrive on action. They are characterized energy, passion, action, intimacy, love, and nurture. You exude a powerful energy and upon entering a room, your arrival is immediately known.  You are outgoing and usually enjoy being the life of the party and center of attention.

Yellow discus keepers are defined by their mind and intellect. They are characterized by energy, intellect, fun, and youth. If you favor yellow, one of your most appealing traits is your consistently sunny and fun disposition. Ignorance is bliss and you simply refuse to see the glass as half empty. You have a reputation of leaping before you look.