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Are Discus Hard To Keep Alive?

Discus live for a very long time, learn to recognize owners, can be hand fed, and uniquely raise and feed their own fry. Many people are interested in them, but some people decide not to keep them because they are afraid that these delicate fish will be too difficult to maintain. However, as long as you learn about discus first, you will find that these fish are not difficult to take care of.

Checkerboard Striated Red Discus

Discus Special Requirements

Discus require a some of your time and preparation. Caring for them is not as simple as sprinkling in some flake food and adding water only when half the tank has evaporated.

Here are some important points to consider about discus:

Discus require frequent water changes. Note, frequency does not equal volume of water. If you decide to change 100% or 20% at a time, the point is to change some percentage of the water.

Discus need friendly tank mates who will not challenge them for food. Discus do great with smaller fish such as lamp eye tetras and corydooras. Discus will not do well with aggressive dominate fish like Angelfish or other cichlids.

Food must contain a healthy variety of proteins like beefheart, krill, and shrimp as well as vegetables and plants. Many foods are pre-packaged in frozen cube form. California Blackworms are a great source for live foods. Do not make the mistake of feeding the same food day after day. Variety is key for growth and longevity.

The breeder or store that sells you discus is a key contributor of how healthy and how long your discus will live. Pick your discus sources wisely. Make sure the source has a positive reputation.

Red Passion Discus with Young

Discus Are Easy To Keep Alive

When you learn about discus before purchasing them, discus are very easy to maintain and flourish. Like anything you choose to take on in your life, take the time to learn as much about it as possible before taking on the commitment. That's why we have researched and written this Learning Center for you, so that you can learn how to help your discus flourish.

Red Turquoise Discus


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