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How to Care for the Fry

Red Passion Discus with Fry

By the time the fry have become free swimming, both parents will have produced a layer of  mucus on their bodies for them to feed on. For the next several days, while the fry are feeding off their parent’s mucus, do not perform a water change. A water change may stress the newborns. to keep your tank clean, you should still attempt to remove any waste with a siphon or net. After 3 days of feeding off the parent’s mucus, the fry can slowly start trying newly hatched brine shrimp and other liquid foods. Unlike feeding adult discus, you can’t simply feed the fry twice daily. Instead, they need very small portions five or six times a day.

As soon as you introduce your fry to newly hatched brine shrimp or other liquid foods, you can start performing 25% water changes daily. After the young have had two or three weeks with their parents, you can move the juveniles into their own rearing tank. Make sure that the water parameters are exactly that of the breeding tank. Then, over the course of several weeks, slowly and gradually alter the parameters until they reach the appropriate levels for a breeding tank. During this period, you should continue with 25% water changes daily until your discus are large enough to the level where they are ready to be sold or moved into a display tank. One month after your fry become free swimming you can start to introduce normal food to them. You should continue feeding your juveniles five or six times daily until they reach about three inches, which will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Red Passion Discus with Young


  • What are your goals with breeding discus?
  • How is taking care of fry different from taking care of adult discus?
  • Do you think the benefits of discus breeding are worth the work?