Spawning Media

You will want to provide your breeding pair with a suitable spawning medium. This can be in your community tank, but you will most likely have more luck with a separate breeding tank. In the breeding tank, you will want to have a vertical spawning medium. Media that you can use include a plastic tube, a spawning cone, a large rock, a piece of slate, or a plant with large leaves.

Red Passion Discus and Breeding Cone

Amazon Sword Plant, a Spawning Medium

Once your fish have paired off, you will (hopefully) soon see them getting ready to spawn. They will start guarding a specific area of the aquarium and cleaning the spawning site. The fish will also perform practice passes over the spawning site. Once this happens, actual spawning should not be far behind.


  • What materials do discus spawn on?
  • How will you provide your discus with a suitable environment for spawning?
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