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Omega One Flake Food

A delicious, nutritious meal can make anyone happy and healthy--including your discus! One discus food that we recommend is Omega One Flake Food. This tasty treat can help your discus improve in color, growth, and energy. It comes from whole fish, rather than processed meal. Try these different varieties: First Flake Food, Super Color, and Super Veggie.

First Flake Food is the flake food you should feed your new fish when you first bring them to your aquarium. Sometimes when you introduce a new fish to your aquarium, the fish becomes stressed out and refuses to eat. But you don't need to fear that when you use First Flake food. It has added fat, which makes it very attractive and delicious to fish. At the same time, it will supply your fish with vital nutrients.

First Flake Food

Super Color Flake Food includes natural, color-enhancing nutrients. Nourished by Super Color Flake Food, your discus will show off its vivid hues!

Super Color Pellets

Super Veggie Flake Food is made from fresh kelp. This vegetable-based food will nourish your discus with vital nutrients.

Super Veggie Kelp Pellets

The Omega One Flake Food varieties are sold at many pet stores and also at online vendors. Nourish and delight your discus with these treats!

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  • Which flake food options would be best for your discus?
  • To ensure a balanced diet, what other foods will you feed your discus?
  • What are your discus' favorite foods?
  • What foods enhance your fish's colors?
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