Supported Countries and Territories

Shipping internationally is easier than you might think. Our online process leads you step by step to create your shipment. Our Return Policy applies for international shipments, as well. This means that if your shipment perishes in transit, we will work with you to either credit you for deceased fish or send you a replacement shipment. Customers are responsible for any applicable customs and duties. However, supply your shipment with our own invoice in order to lessen your fee burden.

List of Supported Countries and their Requirements

Name Country Requirements
  • No health certificate required.
  • Shipping cost: $140 Air Canada.
  • Reduced shipping: $70 total for orders $300 or more.
United Kingdom (UK)
  • $100 Health Certificate
  • International cargo shipping: $350.
  • Reduced shipping: $280 total for orders exceeding $300.
United States of America (USA)
  • Department of Agriculture import permit required for Hawaii only.
  • Shipping cost: $130 FedEx Overnight, $70 Airport Cargo shipping.
  • Reduced shipping costs on orders over $300: $60 FedEx Overnight, $0 Airport Cargo.