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Albino Yellow Crystal Collection

The Albino strain of discus first appeared in 2000. The Albino was originally a mutation of wild Alenquer. Albino Yellow Crystal is just one of several different albino strains, including but not limited to, Albino Turquoise, Albino Snakeskins, Albino Leopard Snakeskins, etc. The Yellow Crystal discus comes from cross breeding Golden discus with other mutated yellow strains. What’s interesting is that along the line, the Yellow Crystal had to have been created by an encounter with some sort of Pigeon Blood or Heckel discus. This is obvious when you look at the anal and dorsal fins, which have slight but quite noticeable striations of various red colorations. It’s a fascinating representation of what can happen when so many mutations are bred with each other, all starting with the natural root of the Brown discus.

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