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Ica Collection

The ica red discus fish is named after the area of the Amazon River, the Ica River, where wild discus of this type are collected. The ica red has many natural variants in the wild. A notable feature of the ica red discus is the pronounced middle bar of the body. This is often referred to as the stress bar. Wild caught Heckle discus fish show a pronounced middle stress bar. It looks like a wide black stripe running vertically down the middle of the back. The ica red was used to make the san merah red discus. The pronounced black stress bar was bred out. Females tend to show the best red color. Also, at breeding time the ica red is showing bright red coloration. At other times the ica red may appear to be a brown type discus. When the ica red is showing it's red coloration, the head usually remains a lighter brown color. The photo shown was taken when the pair was actually spawning. Note the lighter head coloration. This is one reason many red discus types have a a head color that is different from the body color. That indicates the ica red was used along the way in developing that particular discus fish.

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