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Red Melon Collection

A Red Melon discus is a higher grade of Pigeon Blood with a red base -- with generations of selective breeding to eliminate black peppering. The result is a deep red or orange fish with colored fins replacing traditional black Pigeon Blood fins. The red melon discus fish has several color formsWe try to keep the white face red melon discus fish in stock and available for customer orders at all times. In this red melon color form, the white face color contrast really makes the deep, rich red body color stand out on this discus fish. We feed the white face red melon discus fish Hikari frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. Feeding the white face red melon discus fish includes Formula One frozen fish food and a frozen beef heart mix. We feed Omega One super color flake food to all of the red discus fish at our discus hatchery. We include the Omega One kelp super veggie flake food in the diet as well. Red discus fish develop and intensify their coloration as they grow. It is important to give a diet rich in carotenes and vitamins to red discus fish. An optimum diet will provide nutrients for the best growth and color development possible. A proper diet combined with adequate water changes will ensure good growth and color development. We never feed our discus fish hormones to artificially enhance the color of the discus fish.

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