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Reflection D Collection

Reflection D is an improved strain of cobalt. As Reflection D discus get older, they tend to be more solid blue in coloration with only the first vertical stress bar being visible. Cobalt discus show all 9 stress bars, even as they get older. The Reflection D strain has been sold world wide and crossed with various other strains of discus.

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Large (5.0" - 5.5"+) Collection

Some discus will grow a bit large. Generally speaking, this is any fish that reaches 5.5"+ at maturity. Keepers should make adequate changes to the aquarium if the size of the fish causes overcrowding. While many collectors have indicated that 3-5 fish fit comfortably in a 50-gallon tank, larger fish will require that some fish are removed from the tank. Large discus typically range from 5-5.5"+.

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