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Snakeskin Collection

The Snakeskin discus came into creation when in 1994, two Malaysian breeders (along with others) discovered that they had discus displaying 14 stress bars, rather than the usual 9. These 14 bar discus would pass on this striation pattern as well as the same number of bars. Breeders from all over came to see the rumored Snakeskin discus of Penang. At the time, the Snakeskin discus was the most expensive of all discus produced. At a size of 6cm, it cost about $750. Snakeskin discus are often cross bred with other strains, thus, the Blue snakeskin or Red snakeskin discus. Others include but are not limited to, Pigeon Snakeskin, Solid Snakeskin, Red Spotted, Golden Snakeskin, and Albino Snakeskin.

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