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Snow Leopard Collection

The Snow Leopard is a cross between a Snow White discus and a Leopard. This pairing creates white leopards and other intermediates. The F1 offspring which have the desired identical color pattern, are breed to their siblings to establish a new lineage. The F2 generation is what we call a Snow Leopard discus. The base color of the fish is white. The white leopard discus is completely covered with fine red spots.

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Cultivated Strains Collection

Authentic community-recognized cultivated strains make a powerful statement in any aquarium, and are a sight to behold. Discus lovers usually fall into one of two camps: cultivated keepers, or wild keepers. Over decades of captivity, the sheer number of patterns and color variations that are available to the hobby are breathtaking. Ultimately, every non-wild man-made strain is known as a "hybrid" discus.

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