Discus Strain Comparison Tool

Far too often, collectors find themselves having to choose between two closely-contested strains for their next purchase. We have provided a helpful tool that assists customers in selecting discus and narrowing their choices. Click on the strain pairing combination that interests you to learn more. Scores are based on customer demand on a scale of 100, with 100 being the maximum.


Leopard vs Turquoise

Medium Turquoise Base Leopard Discus
Score: 46.795
Score: 53.204

Asian Pearl vs Turquoise

Medium Asian Pearl 4-4.5" Discus
Score: 36.017
Score: 63.982

Brown vs Turquoise

Large Wild Lago Grande Orange/Red Discus
Score: 60.790
Score: 39.209

Mosaic Leopard vs Turquoise

Small Mosaic Leopard 3.5-4" Discus
Score: 37.609
Score: 62.390

Red Diamond vs Turquoise

Large Albino Red Golden Diamond Discus
Score: 37.316
Score: 62.683

San Merah vs Turquoise

Large Blue-Faced Red Cover Discus
Score: 44.278
Score: 55.721

Snow Leopard vs Turquoise

Large Snow Leopard 5.5" Discus
Score: 50.716
Score: 49.283

Turquoise vs Yellow White

Score: 69.340
Small Yellow White 3.5-4" Discus
Score: 30.659

Albino Gold vs Turquoise

Medium Albino Golden 4.5-5" Discus
Score: 35.756
Score: 64.243

Albino Leopard vs Turquoise

Starter Albino Leopard 2.5-3" Discus
Score: 53.584
Score: 46.415

Blue Panda vs Turquoise

XXL MONSTER Sunburst Checkerboard Blue Panda Discus
Score: 80.454
Score: 19.545

Maze Pigeon vs Turquoise

Large Maze Pigeon 5.5-6" Discus
Score: 34.821
Score: 65.178

Red Eagle vs Turquoise

Large Red Eagle 5" Discus
Score: 48.701
Score: 51.298

Albino Blue Diamond vs Turquoise

Starter Albino Blue Diamond 2.5" Discus
Score: 37.810
Score: 62.189

Alenquer vs Turquoise

Score: 63.579
Score: 36.420

Rafflesia vs Turquoise

XXL Monster Rafflesia Discus
Score: 45.146
Score: 54.853