Discus.com's Present & Past Lifeblood (Hall of Fame)

Keeping the most visited discus e-commerce destination in the world running smoothly is no easy task. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our past and present partners consist of some of the most respected names in the discus industry. Meet the team that powers Discus.com and supplies our customers with the highest quality discus available anywhere.

Breeder: Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke
Location: Bad-Homberg, Germany
Known For: Harvesting wild Royal Blues and Royal Greens, inventing the classic Red Turquoise and Striated Red strains. Pioneering solid strains.
Breeder: Mr. Andrea Andreas
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Known For: Pioneering consistent and bulk wild discus imports to the United States. Discoverer of some of the rarest and most beautiful wild discus strains in the world.
Breeder: Mr. Dickson Lim
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Known For: Winning Grand Championships of multiple international competitions. Breeder of the most beautiful modern day strains originating in Asia.
Breeder: Mr. Felix Low
Location: Yishun, Singapore
Known For: Being the inventor of the RGD, Velvet Rouge, Valentine, Altum Carnation, Altum Snakeskin strains. The largest breeder and importer/exporter in Singapore.
Breeder: Mr. Goh Eng Khoon
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Known For: Inventor of the Ring Leopard discus and discoverer of the Ring gene. The first to incorporate Japanese genetics into Malaysian bloodlines.
Breeder: Mr. Jack Wattley
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Known For: Inventing the Blue Diamond and Wattley Turquoise strains. The first to ever collect and import wild discus to America. The Godfather of discus.
Breeder: Mr. Jackson Keong
Business Name: KL Discus Farm
Location: Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
Known For: Being an in-house breeder and global exporter of some exquisite and desirable Asian strains.
Breeder: Mr. Kitti Phanaitthi
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Known For: Inventor of the Pigeon Blood strain in 1991, the most important discus bloodline in the industry of all time. The first to import discus alive to Asia.
Breeder: Mr. Lawrence Soon
Business Name: Lucky Tropical Fish Farm
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Known For: Being the owner of the largest discus farm in Malaysia, being the largest Asian exporter. NADA Chicago 2016 Grand Champion Winner.
Breeder: Mr. Luc Brosens
Location: Geel, Belgium
Known For: Being one of the most successful European discus importers. Breeder of the most robust, disease-resistant, and beautiful European bloodlines.
Breeder: Mr. Marc Weiss
Location: Florida, United States
Known For: Being among the first to hand-collect wild discus, import them alive to the United States, and successfully breed them in captivity.
Breeder: Mr. Michael Li
Business Name: Discus.com
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Known For: One of the few remaining in-house breeders in the United States, creating Discus.com and pioneering the art of selling discus on the internet.
Breeder: Mr. Ricky Lim
Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Known For: Producing extremely high quality bloodlines, inventing several new strains from original Altum Flora stock. International Discus champion.
Breeder: Mr. Tony & Mr. Jeffrey Tan
Business Name: IP Discus
Location: Ipoh, Malaysia
Known For: Breeding, importing, and exporting premium discus strains to Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia, Germany, Vietnam, Singapore, China and the USA.
Breeder: Mr. Wayne Ng
Location: Mongkok, Hong Kong
Known For: Inventing the Reflection, Spotted-Eruption, Royal Blue, strains. International award-winning breeder and discus competition judge.