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It was pure human ingenuity that allowed for cultivated discus to blossom with the colors and patterns that exist in today's hobby. Every single breeder is a discus pioneer."

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Scores are based on customer demand on a scale of 100, with 100 being the maximum. See more strain matchups with our cutting edge strain comparison tool!

Alenquer vs Brown

Large Wild Lago Grande Orange/Red Discus
Score: 45.425
Score: 54.574

Albino Golden Melon vs Super Red Melon

Large Albino Red/Golden Melon 5-5.5" Discus
Score: 31.117
Large Super Red Melon 5"+/- Discus
Score: 68.882

Introducing the Icons: Our Signature Strains

When die-hard discus collectors are tasked to conjure an iconic discus in their minds, one of these 9 strains always forces themselves into the conversation. These 9 strains have stood the test of time and defined the entire industry for decades. Their relevance will never die, and their classic designs form the backbone of modern discus keeping. These strains are constantly crossed, reused, and refined as the basis of fresh inspiration for brand new strains. It can be argued that every serious keeper must own a representative example of each strain in their lifetime in order to be considered a true discus connoisseur.