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We proudly offer over 100 strains of hybrid discus fish for sale.

Over decades and generations of selective breeding, breeders of the discus industry pioneered new strains– continuously expanding the hobby’s boundaries. Today’s discus connoisseur may feast their eyes on a spectacular array of colors and patterns that have never been more varied and diverse.

We sell every ever-discovered wild discus strain known to biologists and scientists.

Breeders seeking to innovate new strains always keep wild specimens on stock to pair back with hybrids. Traditional discus collectors will always prefer wild discus over hybrids for their classic appearance. Mother Nature knows best. Be dazzled by our wild-caught and F1 specimens.

Discus Origins & Pedigree

The Discus Fish is Found in Only One Place on Planet Earth: the Mighty Amazon River.

Fondly nicknamed the “King of the Aquarium” by loyal fans, the discus fish is the only fish species:

Discover why fish collectors and aquarium hobbyists regard this mysterious species a cult classic!

Still having a difficult time finding your the perfect fish to complete your aquarium? Shopping by color is a fun and popular choice.

Choose your discus based on your personality type, color preferences, or even the next upcoming National Holiday! Grab a cup of coffee and read each color description to see if it fits your style!


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