Q: How much should I feed my fish?

A: Overfeeding is a common problem with fish owners, regardless of how nutritious the food is. It takes roughly 16 – 24 hours for a fish to fully digest their food, so you’ll likely be fine feeding them once-a-day. As for how much, you want to feed them food that they can consume in five minutes or less. If you’re unsure, the safe bet is to underfeed. You can always feed your fish more later.

Q: How should I store it?

A: When it comes to our fish food, your best bet to maintaining maximum nutritional value is to store it in a cool location.

Q: Is this food right for my fish? 

A: As most fish owners know, the type of food provided is just as important as the amount. Our fish-food is designed to fit most diets, but it doesn’t mean it could be a fit for your fish. Consult with our team and see if our fish-food formula is right for your aquatic creature.