White Discus Fish Room

White discus, white discus what are you trying to tell me? Yes, white is pure, it’s the color of most wedding gowns.  We’re the good guys, the guys with the white hats. Maybe that’s old school now with the advent of the anti-heroes on television like Tony Soprano and Walter White. Snow White, white snow. We all loved playing in the snow, building snow forts, throwing snow balls, skiing, snowboarding.

All good, positive, fun stuff. Sure. White lightning….dad said when I asked him what was that clear liquid he was hiding in a mayonnaise jar in his personal liquor cabinet.  Sheesh…..that kind of grain alcohol can’t always be good.  But the Beatles’ White Album….hmmm…..not sure, but it sure makes you think and wonder about white…so….yeah….critics say most of the songs on the album were written in 1968 (when I was 10 years old) when the Fab Four were at a transcendental meditation retreat while in Rishikesh, India. I used to love John Lennon; he was my favorite Beatle. But then I switched to George. My wife switched too, to Paul, because he was the cutest. George, though…he was, they say, the most spiritual. His contribution to the White Album, While My Guitar Gently Weeps….now that song I think should be ranked (and most likely is ranked) in the top 10 Rock songs of all time.  George got it. Of course he’s gone now, passed on from cancer, but his songs and the songs of the Beatles will live on long after all four Fabs are gone. 

But let’s get back to snow. There’s nothing like that first snowfall! When my brother got married, his best man Paul, came up from Florida. At the time of the wedding Paul was in his 20s and had never seen snow. He lived in the sunshine state his whole life and it had never snowed. So when the first flurries started drifting downward on the day of my brother’s wedding, Paul ran outside and jumped for joy! The pure white discus reminds me of that Paul and Paul McCartney, the White Album, and the pure joys of music which is indeed the universal language.

By Robert Gluck