Green Discus Fish Room

Ahhhh, those greens. Not salad my friend….nature, the woods, trees, the great outdoors! My generation loves everything you can think of doing outside—swimming, hiking, camping, stargazing, wind surfing, bird watching, fly fishing, white water rafting, kayaking, deep-sea angling, mountain climbing, spelunking. Okay, caving is where I draw the line but all the rest I’ve done.

Brought up achieving merit badges in the Boy Scouts of America, we had paper drives when there were no words for it. We went green without knowing it, and before it was a fad. Paper drives, recycling, solar panels….the whole nine yards. Now they tell us we must go green or the proverbial you know what is about to hit the fan. Even if the deniers are correct and humans have absolutely nothing to do with climate change and global warming…dumping plastic into the deep blue seas or into the green dark forests seems incorrect to me. If going green means taking care of our own garbage, well that seems fair.

But the deep green forests….nothing like a camping trip to one of our great National Parks. I’ve been to Acadia, Glacier, Everglades, Mt. Ranier and the Grand Canyon and I’m here to tell you–these experiences are beyond words. My bucket list? Alaska leads the way with Denali National Park at the top of the list. After all is said and done, we do need to preserve these places, if only so future generations can have a respite from everything that isn’t green.

By Robert Gluck