Gold Discus Fish Room

In autumn the wind blows a bit colder than the summer and the colors arrive. Gold leads the way. Our gold discus fish has the same beauty as a gold Maple leaf. As the days grow shorter, the leaves paint the trees into feisty faces that speak spiritually to all eyes gazing upon their artistic montage.

The gorgeous foliage–golden with a serious splash of burgundy–sways on our blustery stage, instructing us to once again, honor the harvest and all creatures great and small. Hey gold discus you continue to remind me of not only golden autumn leaves, but foods and drinks we tend to have more of at this time of year.

As we honor the harvest of local farms and farmers, let’s drink a toast with apple cider to forgotten friends. Cider drinking is a custom dating back to the days of the American Revolution when almost every home had in its cellar a big barrel full of that luscious liquid made judiciously by local farmers who turned apple pressing into an art. Like life and the variety we crave, the sweetest ciders contain a mixture of many types of apples—Empire, Rome, Winesap, Macintosh and Golden Delicious meld together to make this great fall drink. 

So…..imbibe…enjoy….and remember what my grandmother always said to me during the fall when I wouldn’t be quiet.  (Was it only during the fall? Stop…he’s on a roll… Silence is GOLDEN.

By Robert Gluck