Wild Discus Fish Room

Welcome to the largest selection of wild discus fish for sale in the world! In fact, many aquarists agree that a natural wild aquarium is a regal sight to behold. Wild fish tracing their origins to the Amazon river can add a special touch to an otherwise picture-perfect tank.

To achieve a locale-correct waterscape, aquarists may opt for other native plant and animal species such as tetras, sword plants and anubias. In addition, wild discus collectors can spend hours searching for a perfect piece of driftwood. For enthusiasts that are not purists, other non-Amazonian plant species may work well. Similarly, exotic plecostomus and corydoras may add an interesting and personal touch to a wild-themed aquascape.

At Discus.com, we offer wild fish discus enthusiasts and collectors brief science lessons about discus. For instance, did you know discus fish were first brought to aquarists’ attention in 1835? Did you know there are  4 basic types of wild discus? In fact, according to Wikipedia, every hybrid strain ever created can trace its origins back to these 4 original wild strains? At Discus.com, we also teach you how to properly care for and treat your fish for diseases and health issues that may arise.

Traditional discus collectors will always prefer pure wild discus  — especially those with interesting variations for breeding purposes. In fact, fish breeders will often obtain wild stock in order to strengthen existing bloodlines. Breeders may also be seeking traditional and classic genetics for creating innovative new strains. All of our wild fish are held in LTC (long term captivity), properly quarantined, and acclimated to tap water long before they are shipped to you!

Breeders seeking to innovate new strains always keep wild specimens on stock to pair back with hybrids. Traditional discus collectors will always prefer wild discus over hybrids for their classic appearance. Mother Nature knows best. Be dazzled by our wild-caught and F1 specimens.

Take a deep breath and enjoy our wild collection.