Why Order From Discus.com?

Meet our founder, learn about our suppliers, and view our state of the art facility.
We are expert discus breeders, importers, and curators.
We are hobbyists at heart.
We love what we do.

In addition to housing many unique and one of a kind discus strains, we also make the extra effort to offer:

The highest quality products available in the industry.

The very best and freshest discus fish, plants, food, medication, and tank mates that we know of: healthy and robust, and chosen for each order with care and attention. Fine-tuning our quality metrics keeps us up at night.

Fast and friendly customer service.

We always reply to e-mails within 24 hours, and often just within a few hours or even less. Even though we’re out in our fish rooms throughout the day, we check our e-mail to make sure we can get back to you quickly!

The lowest discus prices in the industry.

As the #1 discus seller in the world and due to our sheer volumes of sales each month, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible prices with our suppliers without sacrificing quality.

A huge variety of discus in stock at all times.

In addition to doing our own in-house breeding, we receive 3 shipments from our international network of breeders and suppliers each month. We have all kinds of awesome strains: red, blue, green, orange, white, yellow, and albino, you name it. German Red Turquoise, Albino Millennium Gold, Ocean Green, Cobalt, to Wild Heckel. We are at the forefront of discus breeding technology, and have every aesthetic preference covered. Plus, it’s so much fun to collect the different types!

A comprehensive discus keeping knowledge repository.

All topics from breeding, feeding, water quality, and different aspects of collecting are covered in our Learning Center. We also offer of famous free 1-week discus mastery learning course. Be sure to sign up and soak up the valuable knowledge.

VIP service/curator.

Aren’t sure what type of discus fish you want right now? Don’t have the time to browse through our entire website? Want an insider advantage into what’s looking especially fantastic in its prime in our hatchery? Just e-mail us with your preferences, and we’ll hand-pick fish for you based on what you like, and what’s looking especially awesome in our breeding facilities.

Free gifts for discus/altum orders exceeding $600!

Orders exceeding $600 qualify for a free gift of a blackworms, a t-shirt, or breeding cone.

Our return policy protects customers.

Each order submitted through our website is backed up by our hyper competitive and robust Return Policy. In the extremely rare event something happens to your shipment as a result of FedEx or UPS screwing up, we will immediately replace your entire shipment without any cost to you.

Actual customer review photos published each week.

We are the only aquarium website in the world that publishes actual customer review photos each week. Submit customer reviews after your purchases and earn coupons for each review you publish. This is a fun way to share your experiences with the discus community, and you will save money on future purchases.


Enjoy your visit, and we look forward to shipping you the most beautiful fish you have ever laid eyes on.

Happy Fishing,


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