When it comes to feeding your aquarium fish it is only natural to want to give them the best food full of nutrients that will help them thrive and grow. Mysis shrimp fits the bill and are an excellent choice for your fish. They are a bit too fatty for a regular diet but feeding them Mysis a few times a week would be the equivalent to a royal feast for them.

Mysis shrimp (Mysida) are also know as false shrimp. You must be asking why in the world would they be fake? They are not fake, the simple answer is that although they belong to the macroscopic crustacean family, the female shrimp carry their fry (babies) at the base of their legs in a pouch, similar to marsupials. Mysis shrimp can also be referred to as Opossum shrimp, although Kangaroo shrimp would have a cooler and funnier ring to it, (sorry Opossums, nothing against you) Opossums won the name game. They have many different sizes but will never be larger than in inch hence being macroscopic as they are still visible to the human eye. These little creatures can be found in the north in freshwater lakes or off the coast of the arctic. Educated guess they’re probably easier to get in the lakes.

Mysis shrimp are enriched with nutrients and have more protein then their counterpart, brine shrimp (real shrimp). Although brine are cheaper (only by about $1) they are smaller and have much less protein making this a no brainer for true aquarium aficionados who want healthy food for their fish, as Mysis shrimp are rich in essential fatty and amino acids as well. When given both alternately you will see that the fish prefer and seem to enjoy the Mysis shrimp more. Making your fish happy and watching them enjoying their meal will be sure to please you and them, making everyone in the household happy.