Blue Discus Fish Room

To me the blue discus represents the deep blue sea, and all the stories in my mind about past fishing forays, especially the trip I took off North Carolina’s Outer Banks when we went searching for the big one…the Blue Marlin. But it’s not just catching a big fish; no, it represents the solitude of the Gulf Stream, where fish like tuna, wahoo, dolphin and marlin share the same deep blue.  This one does bring me back to the cries of “fish on!” and eating fresh sushi right there on the boat after the catch.

I guess it’s really the experience of the whole thing that remains. Like Melville wrote about in that great whale/fish story Moby Dick. Man vs. Nature.  Overcoming our personal demons. Not giving up on our dreams.  So this blue discus and all the fish in the deep blue sea and all the fishing trips I’ve taken over many years of angling represent overcoming. In this churning blue liquid of life and death we call the ocean resides all my demons and dilemmas, all my battles to survive, to be the person I wanted to be, longed to be. The blue discus and the blue marlin, like Ahab’s white whale, are my metaphors. 

These adventure reminders remain… when our charter finally docked in North Carolina I once again smelled the brine… felt the wind against my cheeks… and, having braved the fierce power of the blue sea… felt more like a man. I’d battled my metaphor, had a lot of fun doing so… and… perhaps more importantly… overcame my fears.

By Robert Gluck