The Albino Golden discus is a result of a breeding of brown discus by Malaysian breeder, Kim Keng How. The original breed had a golden base, with white stripes on the front half of the body, as well as red eyes. Later breeds evolved into discus with fewer white markings. Golden discus are often cross bred with pigeon blood discus, which gets rid of the black spotting on the bodies and black fins of the pigeon blood. A true golden discus will have a transparent pectoral and caudal fins. The albino strain in general first appeared in 2000, and was originally a cross breed of wild alenquer. The albino golden strain is, as it sounds, a result of breeding the albino strain with the golden discus, resulting in a little yellow in the red eyes. Several other albino cross breeds exist, such as albino turquoise, albino blue diamond, albino snakeskins, albino leopard skins, etc.