Brown Discus Fish Room

Brown bears come to mind when I see the brown discus. I’m not sure why but they do. And the salmon they eat.  I can see both in my mind’s eye, as clear as I see the brown discus swimming effortlessly in the tank. Maybe brown represents the truly wild to me, I’m not sure. But to be truly wild we must relinquish preconceived notions. Let go of our thoughts and just meld into the wilderness of bears and fish. Get away from it all. Get away from the noise, the traffic jams, the mini-malls, the fast food restaurants, the 9-5 rat race… and go for a lethal dose of browns, greens, golds and reds.

A brown bear, also known as a grizzly, can evoke feelings of fear but if we give the Grizz some respect, and give it some space, we should be fine.  Maybe that’s the message–give each other some space. Don’t crowd your friends and family. Let them be. Could be brown bears are telling us how to fish for salmon–only take what we need to eat and then leave the rest. The salmon truly are incredible as well. Fighting upstream to spawn in the very waters they were born. It’s also remarkable–the salmon is–in that it can thrive in both salt and freshwater. It’s durable, adaptable. Perhaps we should be the same way.

Stuff happens, but we must adapt, overcome. They tell me brown is a composite color that is made from combining red, black and yellow. The brown discus reminds us that we too are not one-dimensional. So let’s not judge; people are multi-dimensional. But back to bears and salmon if I may. They remind us of who we really are–wild by nature.

By Robert Gluck