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Discus.com was created in 2013 by our founder, Michael Li. Today, we are the world’s highest volume sellers of wild and European discus. In addition, we offer an unrivaled inventory of hybrid discus to hardcore collectors and breeders.

Keeping the most visited discus e-commerce destination in the world running smoothly is no easy feat. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our past and present partners consist of some of the most respected names in the industry.

Historically, there has been much debate regarding Asian vs European (German) discus. In our facility, we follow proper quarantining procedures, and readily coexist both within the same aquariums. We have found that both Asian and European discus readily breed and thrive in New York City tap water. We are pleased to offer a variety of both Asian and European discus from the top breeders in the world to our customers.

Years ago, we had the extraordinary honor to have the famed naturalist, Mr. Heiko Bleher visit our Brooklyn hatchery. After providing him with a behind-the-scenes tour of our premises, he asserted Discus.com to be the finest large-scale discus operation in the world.

“I cannot believe that such a discus wonderland not only exists, but is commercially viable. I have never seen such a momentous effort towards the propagation, cultivation, and conservation of the discus fish. I personally congratulate and tip my hat to Mr. Michael Li.”

— Heiko Bleher

Discus.com’s Present & Past Suppliers (Hall of Fame)

Meet the team that powers Discus.com and supplies our customers with the highest quality discus available anywhere. Click on a supplier to learn more about his background and purchase their fish directly on Discus.com.

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