Frequently Asked Questions

A. No, this website will only make it worse. In fact, our creator Michael Li likens his creating Discus.com to an alcoholic opening his own bar. If you are a terminally-ill discus addict, you have been advised to stay away!

A: We have a small showroom in New York City by appointment only. However, due to our strict sanitation and quality control requirements, customers are typically not allowed in our facility. We are predominantly a mail-order company only.

A. Everything we feed our fish we make available for sale in our food section. Take a look at our "discus buffet" here.

A. Chances are likely that you will not. Several myths have been propagated by unscrupulous dealers that breeding discus is somehow a get-rich-quick scheme. This is simply not the case. The average operational cost to open a proper breeding and holding facility is $300k, and you will be competing with industry veterans. That said, amateur breeders have been known to make a name for themselves and fund their hobby by locally selling homegrown strains.

A: We get asked this question a lot, probably more than any single other question. We own a number of other valuable and highly-trafficked domains such as DiscusFish.com and Blackworms.com. Michael Li, the creator of Discus.com, had the foresight to come into ownership of these properties very early on in the history of the internet before they reached unattainable status and fell into the wrong hands. Today, Discus.com has blossomed into not only the largest discus e-commerce storefront on the internet, but also the largest institutional discus knowledge library in the world through our Learning Center. Collectors, hobbyists, and impassioned discus enthusiasts are the biggest winners.

A: It is preferred for discus to keep temperature anywhere from 82 to 86 , ph 5.5 to 7.5  with frequent water changes, as frequent as possible . For young ones it is better to have water changes up to 5 times a week, this will keep them happy and healthy. Change about 30 to 70 % until they get 3 to 4 inches with  conditioners added.

Angels prefer 78 to 82 , ph 5.9 to 7.5. with good amount of oxygen. Angels do not require frequent  water changes maybe once or twice in ten days; it all depends on the size of the aquarium, number of fish and filtering system you use.

A: Thank you, and no. In our opinion, discus fish are the most beautiful fish in the world, and are one of the best fish to keep and breed in the aquarium hobby. Please visit our Learning Center for tons of exciting information on how to be successful with discus.

A. We house over 10,000 gallons of water in our state-of-the-art hatcheries. The photos available provide a general idea of what to expect. However, due to our volume, it is impossible to photograph individual fish. We understand that every discus purchase is deeply personal for a customer, and we take extreme care in selecting only the highest quality fish for each and every order. We would rather not sell fish at all than ship specimens that do not match our extreme standards for genetic focus and quality. Part of the experience of purchasing from us is entrusting us to choose your fish based on our appreciation for aethestics and keen professional eye. Imagine a chef of a Michelin Star restaurant preparing an exquisite meal upon receiving a customer's specific course selection from the restaurant's menu. We are the chef.