Black Worm Fish Food Collection
Alongside our homemade beefheart recipe, our Australian black worms for sale are one of our most popular selling foods of all time. Our worms are not only thicker, but they are also lengthier than North American and European varieties.
With our blackworm cubes, simply press a single cube during feeding time against the inside of the tank with your thumb. It should stick against the glass and your fish will show interest. In fact, our customers love watching their fish fighting to nip at our worm cubes! You will receive 10x as many blackworms with our cubes than you would ordering any type of live food. Remember — when ordering live food, you are mostly paying for water.
Our Blackworms are raised in controlled conditions without fish. As such, they are free of parasitic roundworms, tapeworms, flukes, Ich, Hexamita, and other nasty diseases that black worms from other sources may carry.
We use a high protein aquaculture feed to ensure that our black worms are highly nutritious for your fish. They are an excellent main diet for carnivorous fish, or to supplement dry foods, frozen foods and vegetables for omnivorous and herbivorous fish.
Most fish devour blackworms immediately with no adaptation period. Black worms worms excite your fish’s natural hunting instincts, and quickly improve their color, health and behavior. In addition, blackworms help condition fish for breeding and can increase egg production, hatching success, and fry survival.
Finally, blackworms are ideal for acclimating wild fish and for acclimatizing fish stressed by transport, aggression or illness. It may surprise you that even finicky marine fish will love our black worms for sale today!