Orange Discus Fish Room

Sunsets… can you think of anything more orange? The orange discus enhances our thoughts of sunsets. Like a propane tank set ablaze, the hues of orange propel us back to those romantic late afternoons at the beach or on top of a mountain.

I remember when we went hiking in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico and we hiked just in time to watch the sunset over the wondrous peaks. It was an ahh ha moment! We realized the indescribable beauty as the blood orange lights faded beyond the horizon.  And of course watching a sunset with a lover only enhances one’s relationship. It brings the two closer to being one. After all, we are all pieces of shattered stars. The sun being a star is indeed our brother and we feel a kinship with it as it rises and sets.

Orange reminds us that we are all interconnected and takes us back to good times spent with others watching the orb dip into the day’s ending.  I’ve always been a sunset chaser. On my honeymoon in California we rented a car in San Diego and drove toward the shoreline late in the day our first day there so we could watch the sun set. Speeding toward the sand, hoping we would be able to get there in time, heightened our experience once we arrived. We got there just in time, my wife said, as the orange disc once again imprinted the experience into our hearts.

Maybe that’s it–sunrises and sunsets are the hearts and souls of our life here on planet earth and when we connect with those hearts and souls we ignite, magnetize, energize, our own hearts and souls.  These experiences hit us deep within our being. Benefiting from these experiences, we seek more and more sunsets. And orange takes on a completely new meaning as the sun rises and sets. It’s no surprise that primitive cultures worshipped Sun Gods. In a way, you cannot blame them.

By Robert Gluck