At, we offer a huge range of aquarium plants including plants of the popular Cryptocoryne genus. Crytocoryne, or “Crytps” are native to Philipines, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia. Lighting for Crypts is actually best when they are in low to moderate light, and temperatures of about 73-83F or 23-28C. Crypts will grow best in just about any pH level, but a Neutral 7.0 is ideal. Remember that this genus of plant is native to tropical waters so they will not do well in cold water setups below 70 degrees. After browsing our selection of cryptocoryne plants, you will find that this Genus has only subtle differences in color and leaf shape. Although many of these plants may look the same at first glance, you will find a range of differences amongst them from Bronze casts to pink and red tones that will change as the plants mature. Each variety thrives in environments with low lighting. This makes them easy to grow and perfect for just about any type of aquarium. Browse our selection of cryptocoryne plants to learn more about them. If you would like more information about a specific plant click on any of our product pages to check out additional details and images. Place your order online today or contact the team at if you have any questions about cryptocoryne plants! We are here to help.