Altum Angel Fish Room

Spice up your aquarium with some altum angelfish for an authentic Amazonian experience. Did you know angel fish, plecos, and tetras occur alongside discus in their natural Amazon river habitats? Furthermore, altums are naturally very peaceful fish that encounter Amazon sword plants, and anubias in their wild habitats.

The Orinoco altum angelfish exhibit reddish finnage, whereas Atabapos do not. Next, the natural base color for both subspecies is silver. Similarly, both Atabapo and Orinoco angel fish share vertical stripes. As members of the cichlid family, angel fish are distant cousins to the discus fish, which is also a cichlid.

Altums enjoy the same foods as discus: beefheart, freeze dried blackworms, and frozen bloodworms. Everything we offer on may be safely fed to your angel fish with no health concerns. Similar to discus requirements, altum angels require very clean water in order to thrive and breed. Although beautiful, they are considered suitable for advanced aquarists.

Finally, if you are looking for a nice touch to complement your discus collection, this could be it. Angel fish have very long pointed fins that help distinguish them from other discus tankmates. Their relatively small bodies make them an interesting addition to their more rotund discus cousins. In addition to altums, another popular tankmate choice is the tetra. An aquarium filled with tetras, corys, discus, and angels is a sight to behold. Many of our customers have replicated this exact mix of species with great success. If you are ready to take your hobby to the next level, our altum angelfish are a must-try.