The Checkerboard discus strain was bred by Mr. Jack Wattley. It all started with the Pigeon Blood discus, a 1991 creation by Kitti Phanaitthi from a mutation in Thailand. The Pigeon Blood is most likely best known for its black spots, or “peppering,” that most breeders have in fact attempted to eradicate entirely with any and all mutations. Jack Wattley created the Panda strain around 1992 from a cross breeding of Pigeon Blood and his Turquoise discus, and thus the Panda discus as red patterning, almost identical to the Pigeon Blood, but with a more silver color pairing. The Checkerboard strain is a relatively new color of the wild South American discus. It’s generally a brilliant green with red patterning. Thus, the Checkerboard Pigeon is a cross between Checkerboard and Pigeon, and has an unknown date of creation, but is one of hundreds of man-made mutations today.