Discus.com Return Policy

Shipping Costs:

All shipping costs are listed in base prices and are subject to change based on the quantity of fish in the order.

Live Fish Returns, Refunds, Store Credit, Replacements:

Due to the specialized packaging and shipping of aquatic life and our commitment to the well being of our live inventory, we cannot accept any returns of live products. Discus.com guarantees live arrival upon delivery. Our customers are very important to us and your satisfaction is our singular objective.

We guarantee live arrival: if your fish do not arrive alive, we will provide store credit for the full value of the deceased fish or exact replacements in your next order, whichever you prefer.

Discus.com does not issue refunds for shipped orders — only store credit. Shipping costs never count towards store credit.

If the shipment is lost or all the fish are dead upon arrival due to fault of the carrier, we will immediately send a one-time-only replacement order at no charge to the customer.

In order to receive credit for dead fish, we require the following: the customer is to immediately notify us within 12 hours of receipt. Customers must promptly send a digital photo of each dead fish out of water with a toothpick stuck in it and the box, if it has been damaged. All photos should be emailed to: info@discus.com. Photos are necessary for our records so that we may file the appropriate claims with Delta/Southwest airlines or UPS/FedEx.

Acceptable Photo Unacceptable Photo

All death on arrival (DOA) situations are dealt with on an individualized basis, and we will always work with the customer to guarantee a positive outcome. If a subset of fish have perished during transit, either store credit or a replacement shipment will be issued. Customers always pay for shipping on any issued partial replacement shipments.

A Note on Order Security:

Due to an increasing number of fraudulent orders being submitted through our website, we reserve the right to cancel an order at our discretion at any time. We also reserve the right to seek additional security information from new customers for high value transactions such as photos of a driver’s license or order invoices placed with other online vendors.

A Note on Stock Photos:

At any point in time, we house over 6,000 discus and other fish in our facility. We are also stocked with thousands of plants, medications, equipment, and tankmates. Customers will receive precise representations of the specimens illustrated in our professional stock photos, but not necessarily the exact specimen(s) pictured. We include numerous photos on each product listed on our website in order to illustrate the extent of possible variations for a particular product. Please refer to our actual customer review photos prior to purchasing and make your own informed choices regarding a specific fish or other item. We are NOT responsible for small variations and minutiae that inevitably arise from selling living products, since each individual specimen is a completely unique and one of a kind example — no two are ever alike. Also, be mindful that many of our stock photos exhibit out-of-water photos and many variables including but not limited to pH, temperature, fish size (baby fish vs pictured adults), substrate and background color, diet, and stress level will influence a specimen’s appearance in your aquarium. By purchasing from our website, you are entrusting us on your behalf to make the absolute best possible matching decisions for your order based on our stock photos and over 35 combined years of professional experience. All selections are final.

A Note on Deceased Fish After the First 12 Hours:

Our fish do NOT come with a lifetime guarantee. In fact, we only provide credit for fish photos that are emailed to us within 12 hours upon receipt of the shipment. Any transit-related deaths incurred beyond the first 12-hour window will be dealt with at our discretion. By making a purchase with us, customers understand that live tropical fish have certain requirements and needs that must be met in order to survive and thrive. For best results, strictly adhere to our acclimation procedures. Any fish deaths incurred after the first 12 hours upon arrival is unconditionally the customer’s responsibility.

Canceled Orders:

If you need to cancel your order for whatever reason, you may accept the full refund as store credit for the entire amount, or cash or credit card refund for the purchase amount less a 15% restocking fee. The withheld 15% will be issued as a non-expiring store credit coupon that may be applied towards a future purchase. Optionally, you may choose in-store credit for the full purchase amount. If you ordered a discus that was out of stock, please feel free to make a different selection or choose to receive a full refund. We will never send you a replacement discus without your approval.

Refunded Orders:

All refunds incur a 5% payment processing charge. This fee is dictated by PayPal, our payment processor. We have no control over it.

Gift Certificate Returns:

All gift certificates are final sale. No refunds or returns will be provided. However, gift certificates may be credited or gifted to another recipient of the customer’s choosing.

Unused/Unopened Products Returns:

Returns on unused, unopened products with the product and product packaging in new condition will be accepted up to 60 days after the customer receives delivery on an order. The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping and the original shipping charges will not be refunded. To accept a return on a product we must be able to sell the product again as a new product. A copy of the invoice, or a note with the order number must accompany all products returned to us.

Damaged Product Returns:

Returns on damaged products can be returned with the product and product packaging, up to 30 days after the customer receives delivery on an order. Damaged products will be replaced. A copy of the order, or a note with the order number must accompany all products returned to us. Feel free to e-mail us 24/7 at info@discus.com for any other inquiries.