Blue Altum Flora Discus

Blue Altum Flora Discus


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If you were a child growing up dreaming about discus, this one may very well have been it. The classic Altum pattern harkens back to the striated patterns from vintage strains in the early pioneering years of the hobby.

Gazing into the glistening blue ocean, I watch the waves roll by. A consistent, slow, and methodical drum. The sounds of the ocean mingle with the texture of the sand, ebbing and flowing as the sun gets lower and lower in the sky.

Looking at the restless, but peaceful, ocean brings me back to my childhood trips to the shore on long weekends. My parents would be off of work and we’d take a drive, windows down, sun shining and wind blowing our hair back. We would leave the bustle of the city behind to escape the 9-5 life in exchange for a relaxing weekend of blue water and golden sand.

Looking at the Blue Altum Flora Discus reminds me of the weekend trips as a kid. The elegant pattern of the blues mixing together remind me of the way the water would mix into the sandy beaches, changing color and leaving imprints in its wake.

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