Customer Reviews (Many More Coming Soon!)

This is a brand new feature we are building, and it will take time for previous customers to respond back with reviews and photos of their fish. Check back often! Click on a review to learn about the customer's discus journey and the specific ingredients that made their purchase a success or gain inspiration for your own aquarium designs!

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William G., Peru IL (Verified Customer) 03/16/2018


Wow.....what a terrific experience I've had in getting my fish from  The fish are absolutely stunning and I'm ultra happy sitting by them watching their majestic swimming and aquarium presence.

Ted S., Tulsa, OK (Verified Customer) 02/14/2018


Great high quality discus! Just concerned with one lollipop that continues to hide out and not eating. The rest are doing awesome!

Judith D., Cumming, GA (Verified Customer) 02/07/2018


Just wanted to let you know the fish are doing fine our large red melon and large pigeon blood discus, which are a little bit smaller than the 2 you sent, are bullying the new arrivals. If I didn’t know better, I would say the red melon wants to breed with the Heckel.

Eric K., Anchorage, AK (Verified Customer) 02/06/2018


My wife and I live in Anchorage, Alaska and decided to order discus from after speaking and emailing with Michael Li. Michael was extremely communicative, helpful, and reassuring throughout this somewhat stressful process of shipping seven discus to us in the middle of winter.

Rick J., Las Vegas, NV (Verified Customer) 02/03/2018


Received them about 30 minutes ago and are now acclimating. They appear fine, no problems, and quite beautiful. Would like to give a stellar and glowing review. Wonderful. Thank you. Great service. Great fish.

Nicole O., Bellevue, WA (Verified Customer) 01/31/2018


They are all doing well :) I added some fake plants to the tank and they seem more relaxed, too. 

Larry J., Denver, CO (Verified Customer) 01/23/2018


My DISCUS are just out of quarantine into their new home. They are so beautiful with a good appetite. I WISH I HAD DISCOVERED  YOU A THOUSAND  DOLLARS ago.your FISH and professionalism are tops. I will order Fuji Reds and Red Turquoise soon.

Nicole L, Northumberland, PA (Verified Customer) 01/21/2018


I'll definitely keep my eye on your inventory.  I'm going to see how these 3 do and I'll take it from there. I'm soon going to have to start another tank!

Osman R., Baton Rouge, LA (Verified Customer) 01/17/2018


All the fishes you send me are eating and  healthy they all look amazing I really loved thank you again.

Mark K., Albuquerue, NM (Verified Customer) 01/12/2018


Hi Michael, I want to thank you for your advice as well as the time you have spent with me a new customer. My discus are all doing very well and they love me every morning, as the moment I sit up on my bed they know the food guy is awake and they are eagerly waiting for me to feed them.

Kelly A., Rapid City, SD (Verified Customer) 01/10/2018


I have really enjoyed working with you, when I first purchased these fish I was just thinking fish were going to come in the mail and that was it! I was very surprised and happy with the service I got! Like I said before I don’t think I could’ve gone through a better company!