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Ben H., Jersey City, NJ (Verified Customer) 09/19/2017


Sorry for the late reply, I worked a bit later today since I reported in late for work yesterday. Anyways, the discuses are doing great it seems. Clear eyes, swimming gracefully, and showing beautiful colors. However they are still very shy I think, so they tend to hide behind the driftwood.

Jason D., New Westminster, BC (Verified Customer) 09/15/2017


The discus I purchased from are doing very well and really starting to get their full coloration after their long trip. They have a very good temperament and mix well with the discus I already had in the tank.

Tom R., North Haven, CT (Verified Customer) 09/10/2017


Hey Mike got the fish they're in quarantine. They look healthy and beautiful. The raflesia is more orange than red, but I'm hoping that changes.

Chengcha V., Minneapolis, MN (Verified Customer) 09/04/2017


The fish are doing pretty well with my pair. They seemed happy. The left were the ones I got from you, smaller compared to my big pair.

Long L., Philadelphia, PA (Verified Customer) 09/02/2017


When I went to pick up the package from the airport, the Discus was well packaged, on time. Before I’ve received the package, you’ve notified me beforehand. Your customer service is really good, helping me out when needed.

Brett B., Seattle, WA (Verified Customer) 08/2017


The fish I've received were the highest quality I've ever gotten, and the support from Mike is unheard of now a days. They don't just sell you fish, and then say see ya!.

Linda S., Kansas City, MO (Verified Customer) 08/28/2017


I have been working with the discus. Wow are they beautiful! I didn't think they were going to be so big, either. If these are small, then I wonder what medium is. One of the Tangerine ones is very feisty. He only acclimated for 20 minutes before he wanted out of the bag.

John M., Yardley, PA (Verified Customer) 08/24/2017


I received my blue sapphire and 2 wild mangals. Fish doing great eating well. Very healthy and beautiful. Great support from Mike after you receive them. Will definitely buy more.

Christine R., Brooklyn, NY (Verified Customer) 08/18/2017


My new babies are fine, so far. Swimming, eating and chasing each other, but no aggression, just play. I think. Turquoise on a shy side but ate a little bit. Thanks a lot. Thanks. I hope they will be ok. They look beautiful. I can't wait to put them in my bigger tank. I  know I have to wait. 

Rodolfo F., Bergenfield, NJ (Verified Customer) 08/18/2017


Hi my name is Rodolfo Franco and I have 250 gallon tank just for discus I go started just with 2 of them that a friend who was moving gave to me about 10 years ago. since then we have grown to more than 20 discus and another fish tank 55 gallon.

Ron L., Las Vegas, NV (Verified Customer) 08/13/2017


I've finally found the discus company I've been looking for for the last 2 years. Previous companies have sent me discus that didn't live long, came peppered over most of their bodies and died while in transport. has beautiful fish at reasonable prices.

Hector L., Miami, FL (Verified Customer) 08/01/2017


After 2 days:
Thanks Mike, same there. Fish are doing fine. Temps its 88 but not yet eating. I give them food  but force me to change water more frequently to pick leftovers to avoid pollution. But again not to worry
After 1 week:


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