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The Discus Learning Center is a collection of articles, forming a comprehensive knowledge base for mastering all aspects of the art of keeping and collecting discus fish. It is a completely free resource dedicated to discus and the discus community.

Begin by browsing the articles below. Each article has a comment section on the bottom so that you may engage our experts -- and each other. Let's get started on our journey into the wonderful world of the incredible discus fish, and learn why the discus fish lives up to its nickname, the "King of the Aquarium."

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How to Breed Discus, by Marc Weiss
A new friend visited me for the first time recently. He is a miniature reef hobbyist with an extensive collection of delicate and dazzling invertebrate life. Upon entering my Discus room he immediately noticed a pair of Discus dutifully tending their spawn. "This is harder than what I do with... Read More
Stocking a New Discus Tank
So you’ve decided to buy a new tank and you wish to keep discus in it. So how do you mature the filters? And how long before you can add your discus stock? STEP ONE: – SIZE IS EVERYTHING The first thing to consider before you even buy the tank for your new discus is how big it needs to be. You... Read More
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Discus! is your resource site for all things Discus. Many people will tell you that Discus are typically difficult to keep. However as long as you are aware of the requirements to set up a Discus Tank, the fundamental rules of Discus care beyond the general rules of any healthy tropical tank... Read More
Our 4 Bestselling Tankmates for Discus
Choosing the right Discus fish tank mates is important, not just for the well-being of your Discus fish, but also the neighbours too. Discus fish require a fairly specific water PH level,  hardness as well as a high temperature.  This rules out a fair amount of tropical fish species... Read More
The 4 Basic Varieties of Wild Discus
The beautifully coloured varieties of Discus that we have grown to love are a result of highly selective breeding. Wild Discus Fish however are typically brown with turquoise stripes on their fins, amber coloured eyes dark vertical bars across their bodies. Found in the Amazon river and it’s... Read More
Tank Sizing and Substrates for a Discus Aquarium
If are looking to set up a Discus Aquarium this page will help you understand the fundamentals of setting up a Discus tank. Size matters Height of Tank The size of your tropical fish tank plays an important role in how successful you are with keeping Discus fish. Discus fish have a rounded... Read More
Diagnosing Your Discus
These treatments are ones that I have used successfully. They are effective and fairly safe. The medications are readily available and simple to use. Intestinal Flagellates Symptoms:  Your discus may quit eating or spit out its food. White, stringy, mucus-like feces will hang like a... Read More
Intestinal Parasites in Tropical Fish
Parasites are a natural components of all healthy ecosystems and all fish, including tropical Discus, can have internal and intestinal parasites. Even though these internal parasites are a natural occurrence, not a contamination, in certain conditions and circumstances, they can be problematic to... Read More
Tankmates for Breeding Pairs and Other Tips
What other types of tropical fish can be successfully kept with discus? Cardinal tetras are probably the best companion fish for your discus aquarium. First of all, a group of cardinal tetras are simply beautiful tropical fish. They are fun to watch. Cardinal tetras are also very suitable with... Read More
The Importance of Checking Nitrate & Nitrite Levels when Acclimating New Discus
Before placing your discus order from us, it's important to make sure your aquarium is cycled. Use a high quality water test kit, like API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT, to measure nitrates, nitrites and ammonia. You want the nitrites and ammonia levels to be zero and your tank should have little to... Read More
10 Tips on Getting Discus Fry to Attach to Breeding Pairs
Sometimes discus fry don't attach to their parents after they start free swimming. Usually this is a problem with newly formed, young discus pairs. The discus fry will wander around the tank. If they don't attach to the discus breeding pair, the discus fry will eventually starve to death in a few... Read More
Getting Discus Pairs to Spawn Again
Discus are considered to be the “King” of all tropical fish. Breeding discus can be very challenging, even for the most advanced tropical fish hobbyist. It requires lots of patience to be successful. Here are a few tips we’ve learned that might help you get your discus pairs to spawn again if... Read More
Tips for Increasing Discus Spawn Yields
If you are not getting many discus fry from your discus breeding pair spawns, then try some of these tips below to hopefully help maximize your discus spawn yields.   Lower Water Hardness in Breeder Tank- This is probably the first tip to try if your discus spawns are having terrible... Read More
24 Aquarium Photography Tips for Taking Better Fish Photos
I've taken thousands of fish photos with my digital cameras over the years. Here's a few aquarium photography tips that I've learned along the way that will hopefully help you take better photos of your fish and aquariums.   1. Buy a digital camera! Digital cameras are great to use for... Read More
Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Filters, but were never Told, By Jim E. Quarles
Before we get into the different kinds of filters we should clearly understand the purpose of any filtering system. Basically a filter does one of three things. 1. It removes solids from the water. 2. It provides a surface area for bacterial growth needed to change chemical compounds from one to... Read More
The Common Sense of Discus By Mary Ellen Sweeney
Distinguished members of the family Cichlidae and the genus Symphysodon, discus are considered by many hobbyists to be the ultimate in freshwater fishes. Called the "King of the Aquarium," there is a mystique about discus that transcends their snazzy good looks and fascinating behavior. Many... Read More