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Fish Fungus
Fungus consists of fine white threads known as hyphae that pass through organic material. These hyphae form distinctive patches on fish that resemble cotton wool.   Pathology   The fungi involved include species of Achyla and Saprolegia, often referred to collectively as water molds.... Read More
Cloudy Aquarium Water
Cloudy Aquarium Water   The issue of cloudy water can be a baffling phenomenon for many aquarium owners. Unfortunately, there is no single answer as to why your aquarium water is cloudy because there is no single cause. However, based on the color and circumstances under which cloudy water... Read More
How to Clean Aquarium Substrates
Aquarium substrates form a critical part of your fish tank. It serves not only as a decoration, but also as a filter. Because of this, it tends to harbor a lot of debris and waste. Cleaning gravel involves the process of removing some aquarium water. Because of this, most aquarium hobbyists will... Read More
Discus Tankmates Compatibility Chart
Catching and Harvesting Wild Discus
Introduction Discus fish are found in Southeast Asia and South America around the Amazon. Discus can’t survive in most of the Amazon, where the water often flows too quickly or is not clean enough. However, they are found swimming in very clean water and in small, Blackwater rivers and lakes,... Read More
The Natural Habitat of the Discus Fish
Introduction   Discus fish are widely recognized as some of the most colorful freshwater aquarium fish, which makes them incredibly popular among hobbyists. If you hope to keep discus fish successfully in a captive environment, it’s important you understand their basic needs and tank... Read More
Frequency of Discus Water Changes
Introduction   Clean water is a key to discus fish health. A clean tank with a constant exchange of new, fresh water will work wonders for your discus’ health. In this article, we will explain how to keep your water clean without requiring fancy equipment like reverse osmosis filters.  
The Number of Discus to Safely House in an Aquarium
How many discus can I safely keep together is a very common question I receive from many discus keepers.   If you search online you will see many conflicting responses.   How many discus you can keep together is not a one number answer. There are many factors to consider before being able... Read More
Discus Food Recipes
Discus fish thrive greatly on a number of food types. These include beef, veal, turkey heart, fish fillets, shrimp and liver of beef/ turkey. Below are some of the common recipes for making these food types for the discus fish.   Discus Food Recipes 1: Beef Heart and Shrimp   Ingredients... Read More
How to Move or Transport an Aquarium
You may need to move your fish tank/aquarium in some situations, say when relocating. Moving your aquarium can be a tedious task, but with a little planning, the correct handling, and the proper supplies, your fish should make it to their new home with minimal upset. The following guidelines... Read More
How to Hatch Brine Shrimp
Storing Brine Shrimp Eggs   First of all, you need to start with healthy, properly stored eggs. All brine shrimp eggs need to be stored as follows: • in a tightly sealed container; • free from moisture; and • in a cool environment at or below 50°F. (Refrigeration is ideal for short term... Read More
Best Aquarium Water Test Kits
Testing aquarium water is a key component of maintaining a healthy environment for fish. Below are a list of aquarium water test kits and some information about them.   Best Aquarium Water Test Kits – Master Test Kits
Different Strategies for Breeding Discus Fish
An Introduction to Planted Aquariums
Discus fish can be kept in aquariums with plants or without. An aquarium without plants may be easier to maintain but it lacks aesthetic value among other great benefits that come with planted aquariums. Planted aquariums are spectacular. This article is about plants for discus aquarium that can... Read More
More on Basic Discus Care
Introduction Discus fish are a very unique kind of fish.  They do well under a higher level of care compared to other kinds of aquarium fish. They need a larger space in terms of the size of the fish tank as well as stable supply of clean water. Bearing all that in mind, it would be a challenge... Read More
Classic Tank Mate Choices for Discus
Discus Tank Mates   Discus Tank Mates make up an essential part of your discus fish aquarium. Discus fish are naturally not meant to exist alone. Discus fish are the type of fish that are slow moving schooling fish. This therefore means that you should always look for mates for your discus... Read More