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The Discus Learning Center is a collection of articles, forming a comprehensive knowledge base for mastering all aspects of the art of keeping and collecting discus fish. It is a completely free resource dedicated to discus and the discus community.

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Stocking a New Discus Tank
So you’ve decided to buy a new tank and you wish to keep discus in it. So how do you mature the filters? And how long before you can add your discus stock? STEP ONE: – SIZE IS EVERYTHING The first thing to consider before you even buy the tank for your new discus is how big it needs to be. You... Read More
Tank Sizing and Substrates for a Discus Aquarium
If are looking to set up a Discus Aquarium this page will help you understand the fundamentals of setting up a Discus tank. Size matters Height of Tank The size of your tropical fish tank plays an important role in how successful you are with keeping Discus fish. Discus fish have a rounded... Read More
Tankmates for Breeding Pairs and Other Tips
What other types of tropical fish can be successfully kept with discus? Cardinal tetras are probably the best companion fish for your discus aquarium. First of all, a group of cardinal tetras are simply beautiful tropical fish. They are fun to watch. Cardinal tetras are also very suitable with... Read More
The Discus Community Aquarium, by Uncle Bill
It is the dream of a great many would-be and current discus keepers to have a fully landscaped, planted discus community display. Not just a community of discus but a full blown community display. I can hear the "experts" now: "It can't be done", "Discus should only be kept in species tanks", "... Read More
Wooden Aquariums
In the past, one wouldn’t imagine an aquarium made of wood. This is basically because of the common knowledge that water destroys wood, but then again, so is steel yet it has been in use for making aquariums. But now things are changing as people have explored and found out that wood is indeed a... Read More
How to Reseal an Aquarium
Did you ever come home one day and find your aquarium leaking? Did you find a great deal on a used aquarium because it leaks? Do you have an old tank sitting in storage that leaks? Or just one that you don’t think will hold water? This article will guide you in fixing this problem. I will go... Read More
General Aquarium Maintenance
Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy aquatic environment and thriving fish. Expensive and time-consuming problems can be prevented by spending thirty minutes on maintenance every other week. The biggest factor for maintenance is tank stability. As long as everything is... Read More
The Number of Discus to Safely House in an Aquarium
How many discus can I safely keep together is a very common question I receive from many discus keepers.   If you search online you will see many conflicting responses.   How many discus you can keep together is not a one number answer. There are many factors to consider before... Read More
How to Move or Transport an Aquarium
You may need to move your fish tank/aquarium in some situations, say when relocating. Moving your aquarium can be a tedious task, but with a little planning, the correct handling, and the proper supplies, your fish should make it to their new home with minimal upset. The following guidelines... Read More
An Introduction to Planted Aquariums
Discus fish can be kept in aquariums with plants or without. An aquarium without plants may be easier to maintain but it lacks aesthetic value among other great benefits that come with planted aquariums. Planted aquariums are spectacular. This article is about plants for discus aquarium that can... Read More
Best Lighting for a Discus Aquarium
The best aquarium lighting is usually LEDs which will illuminate your fish tank leading to enhancement of the colors of your fish and in the process creating depth, and highlighting your aqua- scaping in the fish tank.   If you have an aquarium or planning to have one, best aquarium... Read More
Discus Tank Substrate
How much substrate Discus Tank Substrate (gravel or sand) is needed for a discus tank? This is a very common and important question when setting up a discus aquarium.   Discus tank substrate will depend on the size and shape of your tank as well as the depth of the substrate that you... Read More
Aquarium Circulation Pumps
Circulation pumps are responsible for circulation of water in the aquarium. Without circulation of water in the aquarium there would be disastrous effects such as lack of sufficient oxygen for the fish or even plants in the aquarium. Most aquariums can actually survive without other requirements... Read More
Best Aquarium Air Pumps for Discus Fish
Water circulation in your Discus fish tank is very important. The main purpose for the water circulation in the fish tank is to enable the Discus fish has enough supply of oxygen. There are two ways one can ensure water circulation in a fish tank, namely; by use of power heads and by use of air... Read More
Nitrification in the Discus Aquarium
The primary purpose of aquarium filtration is to keep the aquarium water clean and free of harmful waste products. Discus fish like clean water that is free of contaminants. The term nitrification is used to describe the biological activity of bacteria consuming waste products. Ammonia is given... Read More
All About the Amazon Sword Plant
All About the Amazon Sword Plant
The "Amazon Sword Plant," scientifically known as Echinodorus Amazonicus/Echinodorus Bleheri, is a hardy plant deriving from South America and grows up through Central America. Echinodorus are by nature marsh and bog plants that can grow submerged as well as above the surface, and therefore a... Read More