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24 Aquarium Photography Tips for Taking Better Fish Photos
I've taken thousands of fish photos with my digital cameras over the years. Here's a few aquarium photography tips that I've learned along the way that will hopefully help you take better photos of your fish and aquariums.   1. Buy a digital camera! Digital cameras are great to use for... Read More
The Common Sense of Discus By Mary Ellen Sweeney
Distinguished members of the family Cichlidae and the genus Symphysodon, discus are considered by many hobbyists to be the ultimate in freshwater fishes. Called the "King of the Aquarium," there is a mystique about discus that transcends their snazzy good looks and fascinating behavior. Many... Read More
Freshwater Stingrays as Discus Tankmates
Freshwater stingrays originated from the Amazon River system just like most of the other aquarium fish. Even though they are considered to be a docile species, they are known to be the cause of injuries to people more than any other animal in the system.     Appearance Their... Read More
Transporting Live Fish
Introduction   When it comes to keeping fish in an aquarium, movement from one point to another will eventually turn out to be inevitable. Whether it is moving the fish for a short or long distance, great care must be taken. This is because fish are very delicate and if they are handled... Read More
Catching and Harvesting Wild Discus
Introduction Discus fish are found in Southeast Asia and South America around the Amazon. Discus can’t survive in most of the Amazon, where the water often flows too quickly or is not clean enough. However, they are found swimming in very clean water and in small, Blackwater rivers and lakes,... Read More
Classic Tank Mate Choices for Discus
Discus Tank Mates   Discus Tank Mates make up an essential part of your discus fish aquarium. Discus fish are naturally not meant to exist alone. Discus fish are the type of fish that are slow moving schooling fish. This therefore means that you should always look for mates for your... Read More
Housing Hybrid and Wild Discus Together
Mixing Domestic and Wild Discus can be challenging. Discus fish can either be wild or domestic. Normally, these two types would have two almost totally different requirements in terms of food, water temperature and so on. So before we talk of the how to keep the two types together in a single... Read More
Black Peppering in Discus Fish
A common question I get from customers is “What causes the black peppering on Discus fish? Is it something I should be worried about or need to treat?”   The black peppering on discus fish is normal. usually discus fish that have a pigeon blood gene in them are prone to black peppering... Read More
Caring for discus fish while on vacation.
This article is all about caring for discus fish while on vacation.   Many customers ask me what they should do with their discus when they are going away on vacation.   Being the true discus fish enthusiast that you are you are probably thinking that your discus fish need the... Read More
Discus Competition Judging Criteria
Discus Competition Judging Criteria
With their natural beauty and calm demeanor, Discus are among the most sought after contenders for competitions. As hobbyists are well aware, it takes time and effort to ready the tank and choose the best Discus for their big day. However, all the preparation can fog the real question—what do... Read More
Interactive Things Your Discus Will Do
Interactive Things Your Discus Will Do
Discus Fish Discus are not only beautiful, but also intelligent. Since these energetic fish are aware of what is going on around them, they are interactive company to have around. They will react to you, other people around their tank, and even to what they see on TV. They will watch you as you... Read More
Other Fish for Your Discus Aquarium Part 1
Other Fish for Your Discus Aquarium Part 1
Why Should I Add Other Fish to My Discus Aquarium? Not only will adding other fishes to your discus aquarium make your tank look stunning, it will also provide practical benefits. Discus are shoaling fish, meaning that they enjoy being around groups of five or more. Being around large groups... Read More
Aquarium Photography Tips
Aquarium Photography Tips
Blue Panda Discus Do you want to take high-quality photos that capture the grandeur of your discus aquarium? Here are tips from the experts! Invest in a high-quality camera to produce high-quality photos. Excellent camera companies include Canon, Sony, Olympus and Nikon. Although they cost... Read More
Preparing for a Discus Competition
Preparing for a Discus Competition
The discus is sometimes referred to as the Pompadour Fish, and for good reason! This little fish is eye catching and a great addition to your tank, earning its spot as one of the most popular fresh water aquarium fish in the world. A show-quality discus is usually described as a fish who has... Read More
The Top Five Discus Myths--Debunked!
The Top Five Discus Myths--Debunked!
Discus are well-known fish, and just like with any popular person or species, many myths exist about them. In this article, we will debunk those myths. Schmidt-Focke Striated Red Discus The Top Five Discus Myths You need to change your discus' water daily. You need to put your discus in... Read More