Challenges of Discus Breeding

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Challenges of Discus Breeding

Marlboro Red and Red Panda Cross Discus Spawning

Why might it be a challenge to breed discus?

  • Discus need a high protein diet. However, their metabolization of protein deteriorates water quality.
  • Discus (especially their fry) are sensitive to many bacterial and parasitic diseases.
  • Discus are sensitive to ammonia and nitrate. For this reason, they need frequent water changes. 
  • Discus fry require warm temperatures. However, warmer water contains less oxygen. Thus, too many fry growing in a small tank can be a problem. They may require additional grow-out tanks.

If it was easy, everyone would be breeding discus, and their retail price would be much lower. Since not too many people breed discus, these fish are highly coveted, and customers are often looking for local vendors.

If you’re persistent and dedicated, you can be a successful discus breeder. Discus breeding primarily depends on your:

  • Ability to bond with the animal, developing a trust.
  • Attention to detail, especially when it comes to water quality.
  • Keen observational skills, especially with lighting and feeding.
  • Experience breeding and raising other types of fish.
  • Ability to cultivate brine shrimp (Artemia) food for young fry.
  • Patience and dedication.

Red Passion Discus with Spawn

Red Passion Discus with Fry

Red Passion Discus with Their Young


  • Why might it be a challenge to breed discus?
  • Do you have the dedication and are you willing to give the effort that it takes to successfully breed discus?
  • How will you overcome the challenges and breed discus?
  • Why is breeding discus so profitable?
  • What do you think are the most rewarding aspects of having a discus breeding business?

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