All About the Wattley Turquoise Discus

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All About the Wattley Turquoise Discus


The Wattley Turquoise Discus, also known as the Coerulea

Regarded as one of the pioneers of discus breeding, Jack Wattley made this Brazilian beauty an internationally sought after fish when he created his famous “Wattley Turquoise Discus,” also known as the Coerulea. You can see it in this article’s photos. This discus was the result of Wattley’s breeding experiments. The Wattley Turquoise was an instant success, and some breeders today will claim to sell pure “Wattley” strains, though it’s not always the case. However, there are some reputable hatcheries that follow his method for raising discus, such as Wattley’s Florida hatchery whose discus we sell. But the Coerulea is not just about a pretty fish. Wattley’s contribution to breeding meant a discus of suburb quality, size, and health. Jack Wattley used many natural health methods to keep his fish especially healthy, and the results of these endeavors consummated with the Wattley Turquoise.

Many experts say the Wattley Turquoise was one of the first high light contrast discus. Its coloration is uniquely highlighted, almost fluorescent. 

The Wattley Turquoise Discus


Wattley Turquoise Discus


  • How is the “Wattley Turquoise Discus” (also known as the Coerulea) unique?
  • How is the coloration of the Wattley Turquoise unique?
  • Which of Wattley’s methods–such as artificial fry rearing and his natural approaches to discus health–do you think he used to develop his Coerulea discus?

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