Purple Discus Fish Room

As a young girl, my daughter loved purple. Seeing the purple discus truly reminds me of her. She decorated her room with purple. Wore purple to her prom. And last month she got married–and purple was present in her design of the wedding ceremony and reception. The color purple is perhaps the color of youth.

What’s that old phrase…why is youth wasted on the young? I’m not sure but ohh to be young again. We all long for the good ole’ days of our younger years. Heck, most try to stay young, look young, feel young. Hanging around young people can help, that is until the generation gap rears it’s head. We are different, but one thing makes us the same–we were all young once, and most of us will grow old.

Of course, Prince wrote Purple Rain and rain is usually linked to negativity and unhappiness but….for me, purple is my daughter’s favorite color and I’m going to go with her on her ride back through her childhood.  I think it’s also the color of rebellion in a way.  Look at me, I love the color purple, and I don’t care what you think! Yes, it’s natural to rebel. After years of listening to mom and dad tell us what to do and what to think, well… we want, long to be, on our own. To make our own decisions.  So let’s hear it for the rebels, the rebellious in all of us. When we see the purple discus let’s all rebel! Let’s do our own thing, lead our own authentic lives. In my humble view, that’s the only way to live.

By Robert Gluck